Sketches – Krak Survey Ship

Krak Survey Ship 1

Basically a flying tuning fork, the key parts of this design (aside from its simplicity) are the deliberate provision of “spare” space, and the split hull design for the engine mounts. Krak ships are designed to be especially modular, with critical systems capable of being pulled and swapped as needed. This is a result both of their Pedagogical government (research mad as they are), and the fact that they achieved spaceflight while in contact with the deWulf. So they knew that there were future improvements that the design would need, and the best way to deal with that would be to build in spare space to accommodate these improvements when they were rolled out.

The survey ship has two spare module slots, one forward of the survey module, in support of a larger and more capable system yet to be developed, and another module just forward of the engines, to be used in support of as-yet-undecided hardware.

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