Sketches – Sintillan FT2

In the aftermath of the First Contact War, the Sintillan Merchant Marine ceased to exist (that it existed beforehand is a discussion best left to academics). It was only after the Treaty of Lvov that Sintillan starships were allowed to be constructed. Initial suggestions by the deWulf to simply use their own freighter design for… Continue reading Sketches – Sintillan FT2

Sketches – deWulf Capital Ships

If big warships were effective, then bigger warships would be even better. Theoretical research suggested that a larger "battlecruiser" hull would be at a good breakpoint between speed and size, more than the current heavy cruiser or an even larger "battleship" hull. While naval designers would build a prototype battlecruiser, the design itself would find… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Capital Ships

Sketches – deWulf Heavy Cruiser

Almost immediately after the 1st Contact War, the need for bigger and better hulls was clear. Design work had actually begun towards the end of the war, but it wasn't until a year or two that the first deWulf Heavy Cruiser left the shipyard in Fenris orbit. While the prototype Light Cruiser hull was fitted… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Heavy Cruiser

Sketches – deWulf Light Cruiser

While not initially developed as part of its initial fleet, the deWulf Navy immediately began design studies of a warship larger than the destroyers currently in service. Memories of tonnage races in past informed the designers that larger, more capable hulls would be needed Soon™. It would be better to have the concept refined before… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Light Cruiser

Sketches – Terran Dominion Fleet Carrier

Originally designed in the years just before the Collapse War, the Constellation-Class carrier is one of the best examples of a Fleet Support Carrier deployed in known space. Originally built to provide organic support for fleet carrier groups, the Constellation trades out strike group capacity and launch rate in order to fit in heavy duty… Continue reading Sketches – Terran Dominion Fleet Carrier

Sketches – Krak Freighter – FT4

The Milion-class freighter has been in service for only two years before it became clear that larger hulls were needed. The Itinera-class was the result of that need. Again to to the surprise of many, it emerged from the shipyards without a collection of advisories and spaceworthiness directives. While some (the provosts and magisters primarily)… Continue reading Sketches – Krak Freighter – FT4

Sketches – Krak Freighter – FT2

The Milion-Class freighter in service with the Krak University States is an oddity. Not that it exists, but that for once it was a product that was conceived, developed, and put into production without requiring a recall, safety notice, or mandatory refit. Part of the reason is that some of the design components are freely… Continue reading Sketches – Krak Freighter – FT2

Sketches – Random Ship Design 3

This design is another exploratory concept, though one that has a fairly solid "inspiration". I was watching a friend play the Borderlands: Pre-Sequel when a bunch of Dahl ships jumped in during a cutscene, and this was a kind of design note study of the ships that were shown. A couple differences exist, mainly that… Continue reading Sketches – Random Ship Design 3

Sketches – Random Ship Design 2

Another exploratory design concept, this one was from I was spending time at a monthly game night playing a multiplayer wargame. Sometimes the turns drag on and on (analysis paralysis my old friend, we meet again...) and there's only so that staring at the battlefield will help you. So I decided to try doing something… Continue reading Sketches – Random Ship Design 2