Sketches – Ibizan Tank

Initially built as a cavalry tank, the Jenite's design still emphasizes mobility and hard hitting firepower. Designed with the same antigravity technology common throughout deWulf space, the Jenite mounts an extensive array of emitters shielded behind armored plate. Instead of landing legs, it instead makes use of a pair of low-tech landing skids to support… Continue reading Sketches – Ibizan Tank

Sketches – Cargo Conduit Detail

With interstellar freight having long ceased to be novelty and more and more becoming a commonplace part of life, in-space cargo handling is steadily becoming a new problem that needs handling. While the majority of interstellar freight moves via container, enough transshipment happens in space that some defined cargo handling is starting to become standardized… Continue reading Sketches – Cargo Conduit Detail

Sketches – deWulf Corporation Architechture

When the new capital city of Lowell was being built, deWulf Heavy Industries made a concerted effort to get in on the ground, as it were. Heavy construction was nothing new to DWI; their bread and butter in the pre-space era had been the construction industry, and a new headquarters had been in the planning… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Corporation Architechture