Sketches – Point Defense Railgun

The initial winner of the deWulf competition for a capital-grade Point Defense System in 11.5 AS, it was later disqualified as it turned out that key components in the system were not actually manufacturable by the winning bidder (amusingly enough the deWulf Corporation itself!). Instead they relied on an imported drive core from the Ibizan… Continue reading Sketches – Point Defense Railgun

Sketches – Anti-Drive Missile

While researchers worked on developing a proper "Capital" torpedo for the deWulf Navy, an offshoot development team looked into less conventional warheads. The one that showed the most promise was one that took advantage of the effect of two desynched drive fields colliding. Between ships, this usually resulted in substantial drive room damage to both… Continue reading Sketches – Anti-Drive Missile

Sketches – Capital Plasma Torpedo Concepts

The use of "Capital" missiles by the Elysians put no small amount of pressure on deWulf corporations to develop an equivalent weapon. While the average plasma torpedo was roughly equivalent in yield, the Elysian missiles were longer ranged, harder to shoot down, and had a (comparatively) larger yield. While some of these issues could be… Continue reading Sketches – Capital Plasma Torpedo Concepts

Sketches – Planet Fenris Mk1

Unlike the previous bit of worldbuilding, I know exactly which planet this is. Fenris has gone through a few revisions, but this was the first time where I settled into a collection of landmasses I'm happy with. After doing a few other test drawings (that really were just practice runs) I ended up rolling with… Continue reading Sketches – Planet Fenris Mk1

This great and noble undertaking…

dWS Hans Zollner Director Mk4-Class Heavy Cruiser Warp Point to Elysium Dave's World Star System Standing in the cramped command suite of the heavy cruiser, Junior PackMaster Markus Phelan cursed softly as he looked at the fleet displayed in the holotank. Not the first time he'd led fleets and thousands of Fenren to their deaths… Continue reading This great and noble undertaking…

Sketches – Unknown Planet

Part of any kind of world building is, well, actual world building. Truth be told, I'm not actually sure which planet this is, if it is one. I've crosschecked the numbers versus my references, and nothing I have is the right number of plates OR the approximate hydrographic percentage. So I think this is a… Continue reading Sketches – Unknown Planet