Sketches – Strelets-Class Light Cruiser

A design originally worked out in the final days of the First Contact War, the Strelets remained a "paper ship" after the surrender of the Sintillan People's Republic until the Treaty of Lvov was amended in 6.8 AS. As part of the long-term normalization of relations with the deWulf, permission was granted to establish a… Continue reading Sketches – Strelets-Class Light Cruiser

… You die tired

dWS HassenHare-Class Reconnaissance DestroyerClose orbit around Attica, Elysian Sovereignty Capital WorldElysium Star SystemTwo days after 3rd Elysium Hunter Skory watched as the comm cut out abruptly, leaving him looking at the blank screen. Leaning back in his command chair, he thumbed through his comm menu before settling on his executive officer. "Godeke, I need a… Continue reading … You die tired

Close Combat Art

Once again delivers! The second of three images he's been working on has been delivered, and this one is a stunner! While the first one showed off the brand new more detailed Sintillan Frigate, this one not only features the Bulygin-Class Frigate putting in some work, but also shows off a deWulf Slingshot-Class Destroyer… Continue reading Close Combat Art

Sketches – Frontier Shipyard

As deWulf space expanded, it became clear that orbital industry had outgrown the Mittelspannung yards in orbit of Fenris. While they were expanding regularly, they were primarily a military installation, and so commercial work was often sidelined in order to make space for contracts issued by the deWulf Corporate Navy. What followed from this was… Continue reading Sketches – Frontier Shipyard

Sketches – Y-12 Yards

Every government has a few out of the way installations that do the quiet, secret work that is best done out of view. Evaluating captured equipment, building and testing prototypes, supporting black operations. For the deWulf, this is the Y-12 yards. Officially known as SchultzFlach Station, it was originally built as part of a corporate… Continue reading Sketches – Y-12 Yards

When you run…

dWS Hans Zollner Director Mk4-Class Heavy Cruiser Close orbit around Attica, Elysian Sovereignty Capital World Elysium Star System Two days after 3rd Elysium Junior PackMaster Phelan sipped a mug of pfen, watching the planet slowly turn beneath him. Three bloody battles. Four years. Tens of thousands of lives. A bloody price to be paid for… Continue reading When you run…

Sketches – deWulf Research Station

The basic "Base Station Zero" hull (BS0) was one of the first enclosed orbital stations equipped with a drive field that the deWulf Corporate Democracy designed. While originally meant as a military platform, it quickly became a profitable design on the civilian market for corporations and other groups that required a small presence in space.… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Research Station

Sketches – Orkan Class Carrier

The Orkan-Class Carrier is the deWulf take on the Sintillan-designed Roman Kurinnyj-Class Carrier. Taking advantage of multiple technological developments and hard learned lessons from combat, the Orkan is also the first fighter carrier in the deWulf Corporate Navy. The best way to examine the Orkan is in the light of its predecessor, the Roman Kurinnyj-Class.… Continue reading Sketches – Orkan Class Carrier

Sketches – Baltic Class Battleship

The Baltic-Class Battleship is the ultimate expression of the fleet anti-gunboat defense system. Earlier battles using a war-emergency class (the FlaK-Class Light Cruiser) had demonstrated the concept during the 2nd battle of Dave's World, but had also shown weaknesses in the design. The FlaK was smaller than other light cruisers, more lightly armed, and simply… Continue reading Sketches – Baltic Class Battleship

Sketches – deWulf Siege Dreadnought

Conceived in the aftermath of the disastrous 2nd Battle of Elysium, the Sieg-Class Dreadnought is a heavy capital ship built around one weapon system and one purpose: applying long range firepower to a planet. Utilizing new, prototype technologies, the Sieg straddles the barrier between a mobile warship and a defensive base station. The key parts… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Siege Dreadnought