Building a Navy – deWulf Navy (3)

Continuing the series on Building a Navy, the Fleet Missions are the first concrete steps towards building a fleet. With the basic environment and goals laid down, a realistic (or at least plausible) series of operational requirements and operational postures begins to take shape. The Chart The conjunction of Assumptions and Goals thusly details what… Continue reading Building a Navy – deWulf Navy (3)

Sketches – Small Shuttle Hangar

As part of the design work that has been put into the Augen Mk1's deckplans, I did a bit of a look at the hangar for her single small craft. As with many smaller ships, working compartments often have to do double duty. Especially when they take up a fair amount of internal volume AND… Continue reading Sketches – Small Shuttle Hangar

Building a Navy – deWulf Navy (2)

Continuing the series on Building a Navy, the next stage is to look at the Strategic Goals that the Navy is being tasked with. While not entirely dependent on the previous Strategic Assumptions, they are informed by them, and together they begin to form the foundation of what the deWulf Navy is built on. The… Continue reading Building a Navy – deWulf Navy (2)

Sketches – deWulf Defense Station BS4

As spaceships grew larger, so did defensive space stations in turn. The current (as of 11.0 AS) state of the art is the massive Base Station 4 hull, massing as much as a dreadnought in raw size. Unlike a dreadnought though, a station does not need to devote a large fraction of its internal space… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Defense Station BS4

Sketches – Military Container

One of the powerful things about having ships with modular cargo systems is that you get the temptation to start seeing what else you can pack onto the cargo racks. After all, if it can carry cargo, surely it can carry other things in a ready-to-use format. Or, if you have even more containers together… Continue reading Sketches – Military Container