Sketches – deWulf Siege Dreadnought

Conceived in the aftermath of the disastrous 2nd Battle of Elysium, the Sieg-Class Dreadnought is a heavy capital ship built around one weapon system and one purpose: applying long range firepower to a planet. Utilizing new, prototype technologies, the Sieg straddles the barrier between a mobile warship and a defensive base station. The key parts… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Siege Dreadnought

Sketches – Anti-Drive Missile

While researchers worked on developing a proper "Capital" torpedo for the deWulf Navy, an offshoot development team looked into less conventional warheads. The one that showed the most promise was one that took advantage of the effect of two desynched drive fields colliding. Between ships, this usually resulted in substantial drive room damage to both… Continue reading Sketches – Anti-Drive Missile

Sketches – deWulf Capital Turret

In the wake of the First Contact War, the X-Ray laser mount demonstrated that it was possible to develop heavier energy battery weapons, though ideally without the hazards that the X-Ray laser weapons system generated. Even so, Sintillan technology showed the way forward in many fields, such as better lasing cavities, more robust and larger… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Capital Turret

Sketches – Bomb Pumped Laser Bouy

The RB-4 was the first defensive space mine deployed by the deWulf Navy. Initially researched at the tail end of the First Contact War, the mine never saw widespread use either during the First Contact War or the following Binary War. Imperial Autonetics, the original manufacturer, bet on it becoming a standard fixture of the… Continue reading Sketches – Bomb Pumped Laser Bouy

Sketches – Fenris Local Space

It's amazing what you can get done when you're stuck in a meeting! This sketch actually is skipping a bit of the queue; I did this one in the fall while on a long conference call, and I wanted to get it out sooner than later, so here it is. One note, technically I made… Continue reading Sketches – Fenris Local Space

Sketches – deWulf light cruiser concepts

I'll be honest, it took me a while to find a light cruiser hull that I was happy with for the deWulf. Heavy cruisers were easy enough, they basically had bulked up destroyer lines. Even larger hulls had the Elder God concept to build on (as shaky as it was), but the light cruiser always… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf light cruiser concepts

Sketches – deWulf Hauptmann Class Destroyer

Another one of the initial design sketches for deWulf ships, this one helped work out a lot of the more specific concepts on both the deWulf open jaw nose. It also spent a bit more time looking at the nose in a few different ways to apply some detail work like where the hull number… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Hauptmann Class Destroyer

Sketches – deWulf Director Class Cruiser

A later sketch of mine, this one expanded a lot on the concepts that earlier hulls like the Slingshot and Elder God did. The main additions to the basic hullform are the larger wings on either side of a much-enlarged main hull. She also maintains the same hull superstructure as smaller designs. This was still… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Director Class Cruiser

I Have Full Confidence…

RINS King Feranza Cloak Nebula deWulf Corporate Democracy The Ibizan expeditionary force cut through the thin nebula like a pod of blunt whales, their bulbous hulls mirrored by their drive fields as they cruised through the last system before Dave's World and their assigned rally point. The earlier systems had been almost routine, passing the… Continue reading I Have Full Confidence…

Our Home Fronts Have Given Us An Overwhelming Superiority…

Munitions Assembly Plant Mittelspannung Shipyards Fenris Orbit deWulf Corporate Democracy An army marched on its stomach. A navy sailed on fuel. Both fought with ammunition. All three were old truisms that predated spaceflight. Ever since word of the Elysian attack had reached Fenris, the munitions plant that was a part of the Mittelmach shipyards had… Continue reading Our Home Fronts Have Given Us An Overwhelming Superiority…