Sketches – Magellan Class Exploratory Frigate

Magellan Class FE

The Magellan is one of, if not THE oldest sketches I have. It actually predates the deWulf universe entirely, and was part of an abortive game design project from high school (much like most high school projects, I suppose!) In large part it was conceptually inspired from the TFN’s Hun-cass survey cruisers, but with a much smaller hull frame. It was also inspired by the design aesthetic from the old “Conquest: Frontier Wars” computer game, that in turn also had a lot of design concepts from the Wing Commander movie (who remembers THAT?) Finally, it also stole a little from Battletech insofar as it had an onboard Gravity Deck instead of the more sci-fi artificial gravity.

Still, it became both a conceptual prototype for both the basic deWulf Augen-class survey ship, the larger survey command ship, AND it was the initial genesis of the open jaw hull frame that the deWulf like. The jaw was initially created just by having the fore and aft survey radar booms removed which would have left a notch in the front. A little adjusting and the open jaw was born.

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