Not the dawn that we shall see…

------------------------------------------------------------------------ dWS Hans Zollner Director Mk4-Class Heavy Cruiser "-your drives. We're going in." Phelan cut the connection before looking back up at Mache. "General signal. All ships to advance. Panfilov will manage the small craft, so don't worry about them." "Understood. Communications, General signal: All ships advance, weapons free." Mache passed along the order, adding… Continue reading Not the dawn that we shall see…

Sketches – Elysian Traffic Control

One of the challenges in managing flying traffic is managing traffic lanes. Unlike ground traffic, you can't just paint stripes on the road, and with the sheer volume of flying traffic in a modern city, it's impossible to rely on basic elevation management. Fortunately, by the time anti-grav technology is mature enough to be used… Continue reading Sketches – Elysian Traffic Control

Sketches – Elysian Buildings

While Elysian architecture has its own various themes, most of them are familiar to city dwellers. But a few styles are distinctly Elysian, and one of those is the wing and eagle motif. While some designs were... less than eagerly accepted by the general populace, the overall consensus was that it was possible to merge… Continue reading Sketches – Elysian Buildings

Sketches – Elysian Multi-Role Combat VTOL

A staple of Elysian ground forces, their main (and only) combat air-breathing craft is the multi-role VTOL. Equipped with a pair of wing mounted heavy lasers and ordinance hardpoints on the underside, it was a familiar sight in the skies over Dave's World. A single pulse-fusion engine in the after fuselage fed superheated air into… Continue reading Sketches – Elysian Multi-Role Combat VTOL

The State Calls…

dWS Hans ZollnerDirector Mk4-Class Heavy CruiserElysium Star SystemDistant orbit around Attica, Elysian Sovereignty Capital World "Well, that certainly woke them up." Junior PackMaster Phelan watched as the tactical holographic table glowed, a bloom of small craft flying out from the planet in the centre of the display. More contacts lit up from behind Elysium's smaller… Continue reading The State Calls…

Sketches – Elysian Space Station

In contrast to other shipyards where ships are assembled out of sub-assemblies in vacuum, Elysian ships are built in large pressurized slipways. While more mechanically complicated due to the challenge pressurizing and depressurizing so large a space on a regular basis, the freedom from work pods or hardsuits compensates for these challenges. At least in… Continue reading Sketches – Elysian Space Station

Sketches – Elysian Freighter

Long the neglected stepchild of Elysian spacefaring endeavors, the Niad-class freighter was the only design the Elysians ever fielded in significant numbers. A multipurpose cargo and passenger hull, it was somewhat inefficient compared to other designs in service, but matched with Elysian needs well. Primarily built to support colonial efforts, it allowed colonists to be… Continue reading Sketches – Elysian Freighter

Sketches – Elysian Gunboat

The Elysian Doru-class Gunboat, code named "Shutter" by deWulf Naval Intelligence, was first seen by the deWulf during the initial attack on Dave's World. A completely new weapons system, the Gunboat proved to be a devastating weapon. First developed over three years before their first use on the initial attack on Dave's World, the Doru… Continue reading Sketches – Elysian Gunboat

Make them Bleed

PDC Hellas, beneath the Palace of Eternal FlightPlanet Attica, Elysium Star SystemElysian Sovereignty Capital "Automated platforms detected! Drive systems just lit off!""Estimated drone count one zero zero zero. Repeat, one zero zero zero!""Flight time estimated three minutes!""Launch authority released!" The room descended into a cacophony of orders and status reports, individual words cutting through the… Continue reading Make them Bleed

Sketches – Elysian Khoran-Class Dropship

The Khorsan Assault Shuttle is the standard multi-purpose combat dropship used by the Elysian Army and Elysian Navy. Similar in overall appearance to their spaceships, the Khorsan is designed for atmospheric and short-range spaceflight, but is not capable of long-distance spaceflight. Quad engines provide reliable and redundant flight capacity, critical since the Khorsan does not… Continue reading Sketches – Elysian Khoran-Class Dropship