Sketches – Elysian Mars-Class Battlecruiser

The Mars-Class Battlecruiser was the first new ship that the deWulf met in their continued war with the Elysians. Not seen during the initial attack on Dave's World, its first combat appearance was just before the 2nd Battle of Dave's World, when the deWulf fleet encountered a single Mars-Class fleeing the system. Captured by several deWulf… Continue reading Sketches – Elysian Mars-Class Battlecruiser

Sketches – Elysian Hydra-Class Carrier

The Elysian Hydra-Class Carrier was the first major surprise that the deWulf met in combat with the Elysians, and they provided that surprise by destroying an entire Zitadelle-Class defensive station in the opening strike of the war. While combat small craft were technically in service, the combat dropships of the deWulf Army were at best capable of… Continue reading Sketches – Elysian Hydra-Class Carrier

Sketches – Elysian Hades-Class Heavy Cruiser

One of, if not the first armed warships of the Elysian Imperial Fleet that the deWulf identified, the Hades-Class is both a more and less advanced design compared to the Director-Class ships that serve in the Corporate Navy. In contrast to their blocky, slab-sided ships, the Hades has smooth lines that flow from bow to stern, featuring… Continue reading Sketches – Elysian Hades-Class Heavy Cruiser

Your Task Will Not Be Easy…

Palace of Eternal Flight Highspire Planet Attica Elysian Sovereignty "I am worried, Solon." The Czar of the Elysians looked out over his capital from the private office at the top of Highspire, eyes drinking in the sight of the sun setting in the distance, city lights slowly coming alive to replace the fading sunlight. "Sire?"… Continue reading Your Task Will Not Be Easy…

Sketches – Elysian Main Battle Tank

Another vehicle that I sketched out while I was writing the battle of Finn's Massif on Dave's World. While the deWulf have a more classical slab-sided rhombus, Elysian tanks were meant to be much more of a smoothly shaped, refined design. The Elysian tank borrows a bit from hovercraft in that they have an armoured… Continue reading Sketches – Elysian Main Battle Tank