Sketches – Ibizan Tank

Initially built as a cavalry tank, the Jenite's design still emphasizes mobility and hard hitting firepower. Designed with the same antigravity technology common throughout deWulf space, the Jenite mounts an extensive array of emitters shielded behind armored plate. Instead of landing legs, it instead makes use of a pair of low-tech landing skids to support… Continue reading Sketches – Ibizan Tank

Sketches – Ibizan Ships

This design was originally inspired by a quick drawing of a P.F. Sloan-Class escort from Traveller. I picked up a set of GURPS Traveller books over the years, mostly as reference texts (and in general GURPS books are very good reference books), and I saw one of these ships as an unnamed escort in one… Continue reading Sketches – Ibizan Ships

Plot Casually

King Armand's Day Chambers Royal Compound, Bortal Ibiza King Armand looked up at the sky for a few lingering moments before stepping back inside from his private garden balcony. Modern technology had made a mockery of past structural impossibilities, and having an acre of private garden suspended the better part of kilometer up the side… Continue reading Plot Casually

Containment Procedures

On final approach to Bortal Ibiza Kingdom of Ibiza Chief Minister Rheinbach had come to enjoy these little trips out to Ibizan space. Not that home wasn't welcoming. Far from it, but it was becoming harder and harder to maneuver. This little war had dragged on far too long, and the worst part of it… Continue reading Containment Procedures