Sketches – Krak Freighter – FT4

The Milion-class freighter has been in service for only two years before it became clear that larger hulls were needed. The Itinera-class was the result of that need. Again to to the surprise of many, it emerged from the shipyards without a collection of advisories and spaceworthiness directives. While some (the provosts and magisters primarily)… Continue reading Sketches – Krak Freighter – FT4

Sketches – Krak Freighter – FT2

The Milion-Class freighter in service with the Krak University States is an oddity. Not that it exists, but that for once it was a product that was conceived, developed, and put into production without requiring a recall, safety notice, or mandatory refit. Part of the reason is that some of the design components are freely… Continue reading Sketches – Krak Freighter – FT2

Sketches – Corporate Logos 2

A second page of logo concepts, the one in the upper left is a continuation of using the same shape repeatedly, this time experimenting with some texturing to create a more interesting shape. The one in the upper right is a pretty generic design concept of letters within letters; nothing really inspiring, but a fairly… Continue reading Sketches – Corporate Logos 2

Sketches – deWulf Combat Dropship

In service since the beginning of the deWulf Navy, the Mark-12 dropship has been the backbone of dedicated heavy lift capacity for the navy in every theater and operation. Initially prototyped as an open-cycle fusion drive craft for intercontinental rapid deployment, the development of the drive field instead transformed it into a broad-function troop and… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Combat Dropship