Sketches – Terran Dominion Io-Class Cruiser

The Io-Class Cruiser was the one of the first things I ever laid down for what would eventually become the Terran Dominion. I knew that I wanted to have humanity in the universe somewhere, for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it's always more relevant to write about humans than aliens. Secondly because it also… Continue reading Sketches – Terran Dominion Io-Class Cruiser

Your Task Will Not Be Easy…

Palace of Eternal Flight Highspire Planet Attica Elysian Sovereignty "I am worried, Solon." The Czar of the Elysians looked out over his capital from the private office at the top of Highspire, eyes drinking in the sight of the sun setting in the distance, city lights slowly coming alive to replace the fading sunlight. "Sire?"… Continue reading Your Task Will Not Be Easy…

Sketches – Elysian Main Battle Tank

Another vehicle that I sketched out while I was writing the battle of Finn's Massif on Dave's World. While the deWulf have a more classical slab-sided rhombus, Elysian tanks were meant to be much more of a smoothly shaped, refined design. The Elysian tank borrows a bit from hovercraft in that they have an armoured… Continue reading Sketches – Elysian Main Battle Tank

In Company With Our Brave Allies…

dWMS Karl Franz Felo-Class Blitz Transport, DKS-Line Falke Star System deWulf Corporate Democracy   "I had no idea that they made ships this fast." Vice Ship Commander Illescas looked at the ship readout on the cabin wall, showing what would have been a respectable speed for a transport or a gunboat. That it was being… Continue reading In Company With Our Brave Allies…

Sketches – deWulf Nee Holland Assault Cruiser

The Nee Holland was a design that flowed out of the first two wars that the deWulf fought. In both of them, the final acts were planetary invasions, landing troops on hostile worlds and putting an end to armed resistance at the source. Both of these wars were waged with civilian ships carrying troops into… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Nee Holland Assault Cruiser

Sketches – deWulf “Stuttgart” Support Tank

The Stuttgart was first mentioned on turn 69, right after the Wulf Heavy Tank. One of the problems that the deWulf realized they had a good main battle tank, and some good light recon, but they were lacking mobile fire support. Especially something that could come in close and smother a target in precision firepower.… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf “Stuttgart” Support Tank

Sketches – deWulf “Wulf” Heavy Tank

The Wulf gets its first mention back on turn 69, as it's getting put through its paces on the test track, and this was the first ground vehicle that I worked out for the deWulf universe. It helped establish the basic lines for a deWulf ground unit: sloped armour all around, with a few hatches… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf “Wulf” Heavy Tank