January Sitrep

January has been a bit more involved than I had originally expected, but that’s sadly par for the course. We picked up a pretty impressive snow day about halfway through the month, and that kind of blew some of my schedule out of the water. That, and of course discovering that I had been a bit… profligate in my shopping over Christmas, and so some of my plans need to be a little reigned in.

But fortunately not everything is so dependent on cash and lots of time for focus. I was able to process 8 turns in January across the various empires I have, which leaves me with only a total of 6 turns of turn-debt to catch up on. And once that’s done I can start running proper sprints to move things forward timely. Which is honestly pretty damn nice! At this rate I should be fully in place by the end of February, and then I can begin chewing on other things!

I’m also in the final sprint on getting a fresh bit of art from one of my artists, and as soon as it’s done I’m going to post it up here for you all, and while it’s not tied in to any one specific project, it’s going to be giving a little bit of a voice to one more position inside the deWulf and my writing. And that’s never a bad thing as far as I’m concerned.

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