Sketches – deWulf Defense Station BS4

As spaceships grew larger, so did defensive space stations in turn. The current (as of 11.0 AS) state of the art is the massive Base Station 4 hull, massing as much as a dreadnought in raw size. Unlike a dreadnought though, a station does not need to devote a large fraction of its internal space… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Defense Station BS4

Sketches – Military Container

One of the powerful things about having ships with modular cargo systems is that you get the temptation to start seeing what else you can pack onto the cargo racks. After all, if it can carry cargo, surely it can carry other things in a ready-to-use format. Or, if you have even more containers together… Continue reading Sketches – Military Container

Building a Navy – deWulf Navy (1)

As I had mentioned back at the 2022 goals, one thing I was looking at doing was writing up some discussions on how and why various navies are structured the way that they are. In this, I'm stealing guidance from the always-enjoyable website Project Rho. Specifically the part about building a navy. The majority of… Continue reading Building a Navy – deWulf Navy (1)