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Scenario Book 1: First Contact War

First contact sometimes doesn’t go smoothly. When the deWulf met the Sintillan People’s Republic, everything seemed to be going swimmingly until their survey flotilla was attacked and their nearby colony was invaded. This attack could not be allowed to pass unanswered.

This scenario book is for Starfire, a space combat ruleset that can be found Here. The book contains four scenarios as well as alternate combat scenarios that cover the entire First Contact War.

  • Ruleset: Solar Starfire (but compatible with Ultra)
  • Tech level: Economic Level 2-4
  • New fiction for the deWulf universe

Ship Crew Manual: Zweireiner Class Freighter

Trade is the lifeblood of any modern economy. Goods need to move from one place to another, and time is money. The container ship is the answer to high value freight that can’t afford to stay still.

The Vilpol Crew Manual for the Zweireiner (Two Row) Class Freighter is an all-in-one introduction to the most common small container freighter in service. It provides all the information new crew need to get settled, and help keep their ship operational.

The Crew Manual includes:

  • Introduction to the Zweireiner Class, including class history and major refits
  • A full deckplan of the freighter, including habitation and engineering spaces
  • Recommended maintenance schedule for major factory-original components
  • In depth look at on-board maintenance facilities: what tools are standard
  • Structural map indicating key load bearing beams
  • Complete power grid layout showing the location of all junction boxes and mains
  • Full notes on the onboard life support systems (including emergency backups)
  • Service points on the KlemPut-50 StarDrive engine
  • Fault Diagnosis
  • And More!

The Crew Manual is written for the GM and the player alike as a comprehensive look at a small freighter style that isn’t often seen; the light container ship. The Crew Manual aims to have all the details an analytical player wants (“We need to stop the ship: Where’s the power conduit to the main engines?”) and all the information for a GM to easily create challenges (“You feel the ship shudder as the main lights die and are replaced by harsh emergency lighting”.)

Rule sets supported:

  • Starfinder
  • Fate

Spacer’s Guide: Falke

One of the first planets the deWulf State colonized, it was a disappointment at first glance. No surface water and minimal atmosphere made for a biosphere akin to an arid desert. But ever industrious, value is being squeezed even out of this barren rockpile. Heavy industry migrated here in search of accessible resources, cheap land, and lax environmental regulations. It’s the kind of place that respectable people know of, but don’t know about.

If you admit to having worked there, you said you were there for a term as part of your employment elsewhere. Or you did a short-term contract for the money. Smelters, semiconductor foundries, consumer goods factories, chemical plants all as far as the eye can see. Stand on top of one of the few office spires and you can see nothing but industry and its byproducts clear to the horizon in every direction. A planet’s also a storehouse of raw materials, and the corporations are going to town here. The outback is dotted with open pit mines, deep bores, and even the occasional mountain that’s been chopped flat in search of what’s underneath.

This Spacer’s Guide covers:

  • Overview of Falke
  • Society
  • The twin cities of Alph and Beth
  • Places of Interest
  • Technology
  • Local life
  • The rest of the star system

Rule sets supported:

  • Starfinder
  • Fate