Sketches – Sol 4: TABK Yards

By the time the Terran Commonwealth was something more than just a pipe dream in the halls of power, the local sphere of space around Earth was packed with orbital workshacks, habitation stations, power beam arrays, and an ever increasing layer of debris that persistently increased despite the best attempts of everyone to keep it… Continue reading Sketches – Sol 4: TABK Yards

Sketches – Sol 3: O’Neill Halo

The O'Neill Halo at the Earth-Sol L5 point was one of humanity's most impressive constructs, and is now one of its largest mass graves. A monument to the skill and drive and intelligence of the United North American polity, and a warning that some dreams came at too high a price. When the true leap… Continue reading Sketches – Sol 3: O’Neill Halo

Sketches – Sol 2: Mount Kilimanjaro Terraforming Station

Built in the late Commonwealth era, Kilimanjaro Station was the first step towards the eventual terraforming of Venus. Compared to Mars, Venus would be a much more substantial project that required an orbital presence. And unlike Mars, Venus did not have a pair of small moonlets that could be repurposed for the task. So Kilimanjaro… Continue reading Sketches – Sol 2: Mount Kilimanjaro Terraforming Station

Sketches – Sol 1: Icarus Station

Built by CERN as a replacement for the Lunar Supercollider (itself a replacement for the venerable Future Circular Collider), orbits in a geosynchronous orbit of Mercury. When it was initially assembled in the early years of the Terran Commonwealth the Solar Supercollider represents the single largest investment in high-energy particle physics in human history, and… Continue reading Sketches – Sol 1: Icarus Station

Sketches – Moonflowers

Common Name: Moon FlowersTaxonomic Name: M. Monblut General Appearance: A cluster of tall reedy grass-like structures, approx. 2-3 meters across, marginally taller in the center. Generally composed of two distinct parts, an A and B component. Plant is connected via underwater/underground branching roots that send shoots/stalks upwards (rhizomes). Cluster is nominally one plant, though multiple… Continue reading Sketches – Moonflowers

Sketches – Bottled Kefler

A type of schnapps, Kefler is one of the most broadly consumed alcohols in Fenren society, if for the simple reason that it deals with one of the biggest practical problems with high-alcohol drinks: the general dulling of perception and "slowing" of the mind suffered by the vast majority of Fenren. While many can (and… Continue reading Sketches – Bottled Kefler

Sketches – Small Shuttle Hangar

As part of the design work that has been put into the Augen Mk1's deckplans, I did a bit of a look at the hangar for her single small craft. As with many smaller ships, working compartments often have to do double duty. Especially when they take up a fair amount of internal volume AND… Continue reading Sketches – Small Shuttle Hangar