The State Calls…

dWS Hans ZollnerDirector Mk4-Class Heavy CruiserElysium Star SystemDistant orbit around Attica, Elysian Sovereignty Capital World "Well, that certainly woke them up." Junior PackMaster Phelan watched as the tactical holographic table glowed, a bloom of small craft flying out from the planet in the centre of the display. More contacts lit up from behind Elysium's smaller… Continue reading The State Calls…

Make them Bleed

PDC Hellas, beneath the Palace of Eternal FlightPlanet Attica, Elysium Star SystemElysian Sovereignty Capital "Automated platforms detected! Drive systems just lit off!""Estimated drone count one zero zero zero. Repeat, one zero zero zero!""Flight time estimated three minutes!""Launch authority released!" The room descended into a cacophony of orders and status reports, individual words cutting through the… Continue reading Make them Bleed

Garden of Vengance

dWS Hans ZollnerDirector Mk4-Class Heavy CruiserElysium Star SystemEn-route to Attica, Elysian Sovereignty Capital World "Fleet units have all successfully jumped, Sir. Hare has taken station ahead, Hasen is aft with the carriers, and we have Spion port and up and Aufklärer is low to starboard." Junior PackMaster Phelan didn't even look up at the report, his eyes watching the holographic table that already told… Continue reading Garden of Vengance

This great and noble undertaking…

dWS Hans Zollner Director Mk4-Class Heavy Cruiser Warp Point to Elysium Dave's World Star System Standing in the cramped command suite of the heavy cruiser, Junior PackMaster Markus Phelan cursed softly as he looked at the fleet displayed in the holotank. Not the first time he'd led fleets and thousands of Fenren to their deaths… Continue reading This great and noble undertaking…

Sketches – Fenren Skyscrapers

When I was writing about SPM Rollen looking out on the skyline of the deWulf capital city of Lowell (Turn 111), I wondered a bit about what did the buildings in that skyline looked like? This thought sat in my head for a while, and I played around with a few different concepts and designs.… Continue reading Sketches – Fenren Skyscrapers

Existential Dread

Kreutz University Department of Astrophysics "Professor Ernst, I think we have an issue?" "Yes, what is it?" "I was reviewing the latest pull from the G2R2 Array and, well, we have a problem." "I'm guessing that this is a more substantial issue. You wouldn't be bothering me if it was just a synchronization issue." "KR… Continue reading Existential Dread


Dear Yuriy Zhevelyuk, It has come to our attention that you are currently 60 days behind on payment on your loan. EisenRucke United has worked with you in the past regarding payment issues; the spot freight market is always a challenge, but your continued lack of payment has forced our hand. As of 13.4 15… Continue reading Due

Sketches – deWulf Stuka Attack Fighter

I think this was the first non-spaceship I sketched out for the deWulf universe. It's inspirations are pretty clear, as the name attests. It's dated far back enough that it's hearkening to when the deWulf were a lot more of a "Germans in space" thing than they are now, and I confess the name is… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Stuka Attack Fighter


As the number of star systems in the deWulf Corporate Democracy increased, it slowly became apparent that an additional administration layer was required between the individual planets and the Ruling Council and their various administrative bodies. With over ten colonized systems and almost triple that in claimed but officially uninhabited systems, increase in routine manners… Continue reading Constellation


For the Duration: Initially launched as a comedy show set on the fictional deWulf warship dWS Michael Diel, a Hawking-class Light Cruiser, For the Duration morphed into a show that both helped portray the sobering aspects of space warfare while remaining lighthearted. Each episode begins with a steady crawl of the ship sailing by; if… Continue reading Broadcast