Sketches – City Neu Blarfstat am der Zee

Neu Blarfstat was one of the older cities in Groenvelt, one of several industrial port towns that had come into existence during the industrial revolution. As the beginnings of modern chemistry, metallurgy and power generation took root, more and better shipping became paramount, and the small fishing village of Blarf found its old industries of… Continue reading Sketches – City Neu Blarfstat am der Zee

Sketches – City of Garz

The industrial city of Garz was a company town, initially built to support the vast strip mining operation that took place on the planet of Rugen. The primary products of Garz are a collection of processed and refined metals, mainly Titanium, Aluminum, Iron, and a collection of rarer metals that were all extracted from the… Continue reading Sketches – City of Garz

Sketches – Random Ship Design 3

This design is another exploratory concept, though one that has a fairly solid "inspiration". I was watching a friend play the Borderlands: Pre-Sequel when a bunch of Dahl ships jumped in during a cutscene, and this was a kind of design note study of the ships that were shown. A couple differences exist, mainly that… Continue reading Sketches – Random Ship Design 3

Sketches – Random Ship Design 2

Another exploratory design concept, this one was from I was spending time at a monthly game night playing a multiplayer wargame. Sometimes the turns drag on and on (analysis paralysis my old friend, we meet again...) and there's only so that staring at the battlefield will help you. So I decided to try doing something… Continue reading Sketches – Random Ship Design 2

Sketches – Random Ship Design 1

Part of another design concept, I'm honestly not sure what inspired this particular design, but this was another exploration of different hull designs. The entire front is meant to be a single solid curve kind of like the front of an especially blunt fish. Casemate guns on the sides cover the forward 180 degree arc,… Continue reading Sketches – Random Ship Design 1

Dying Tired

Strike Force GullClose orbit around Attica, Elysian Sovergenty Capital World "Launch is clean, He-Four-Six. Looking forward to seeing you home soon." "Affirmative, Andreev Boss. See you on the backside." "Alpf-Four-Six, this is He-Four-Six. We're in the slot. Showing all groups accounted." "He-Four-Six, this is Alpf. Confirm your spot." Managing even a small strike group was… Continue reading Dying Tired

Sketches – deWulf Never Depot

When the deWulf Navy needs secure storage, they turn to the Never Depot. One of the earliest sustained military locations that was off-planet, this was where the the deWulf Corporate Democracy shipped any weapons of mass destruction after the unification war. While the weapons remained under Corporate Democracy control, the fact that they were stored… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Never Depot

Sketches – deWulf Army Base

While the deWulf Navy gets most of the attention (and the funding) the simple truth is that nothing is yours until it's your boots that are on it, and not the other person's. And to that end, that means you need boots. Boots with guns, tanks, air support, logistics, and everything else that making sure… Continue reading Sketches – deWulf Army Base