Sketches – Krak Freighter

Since I'd designed out most of the freighters for the other major powers, I thought that it would be worth building out what the Krak would use as well. The design concepting here is both building off of what the Krak prefer to have (IE modular systems), but also making it clear that it's not… Continue reading Sketches – Krak Freighter

Sketches – Krak Reverse-Engineered Heavy Cruiser

This sketch is a bit of a derivative design. The Krak recovered several combat ships from a flotilla of automated warships in a dead-end system several jumps out from the Sargasso Nebula, and it got them a plethora of technologies. One of those technologies was practical examples of larger combat hulls than they could initially… Continue reading Sketches – Krak Reverse-Engineered Heavy Cruiser

Slush Pile

Main Cafeteria New Concepts Division Research Co-Ordination Fenris, deWulf Corporate Democracy "So, there I was going through the slush pile..." "You pulled that rotation again? Is Karbov out to get you, or did you steal his favorite chair a second time?" "I only did that once. Jokes lose their impact the second time around. And… Continue reading Slush Pile

Sketches – Krak Survey Ship

Basically a flying tuning fork, the key parts of this design (aside from its simplicity) are the deliberate provision of "spare" space, and the split hull design for the engine mounts. Krak ships are designed to be especially modular, with critical systems capable of being pulled and swapped as needed. This is a result both… Continue reading Sketches – Krak Survey Ship

Sketches – Magellan Class Exploratory Frigate

The Magellan is one of, if not THE oldest sketches I have. It actually predates the deWulf universe entirely, and was part of an abortive game design project from high school (much like most high school projects, I suppose!) In large part it was conceptually inspired from the TFN's Hun-cass survey cruisers, but with a… Continue reading Sketches – Magellan Class Exploratory Frigate