Theoretical Applications

Briefing Room 2 deWulf Naval High Command, 89th Floor City of Lowell, Fenris deWulf Corporate Democracy "I still don't think we should be funding research anywhere near as much as we are. We need more hulls." PackMaster Hella Kobetsky looked over at her two colleagues, a cold and furrowed look on her face as she… Continue reading Theoretical Applications

A little loot

So, Zazzle had a nice cyber monday sale, and I just had to pick up a little Starfire™ loot. Nothing really fancy, but some nice and practical stuff. A new mousepad, a coffee mug, and a bumper sticker. My first bumper sticker, actually. But hey, I'm a big Starfire fan, so it seems appropriate 🙂

The reward for competence

Neu Pregel Orbital Highport & Yards Konigsberg Orbit deWulf Corporate Democracy PackMaster Hella Kobetsky flopped down into a seat in the sparsely decorated VIP lounge. Neu Pregel had only been completed two weeks ago, and the invite to visit the new shipard had only been sent out a few weeks beforehand. The entire station still… Continue reading The reward for competence