Sketches – Ibizan Oil Pump

One of those fun little experimental doodles to try out an idea. I was wondering what you could make that would be like the classic pump jack, but different. Of course, coming up with something that works, but is different is a bit of a challenge. After all, a pump jack is one of those things that’s built to be as simple and efficient. Something that does the same, but different is a bit of a trick.

The basic concept of operation for this thing is that the central rotating mechanism drives a pair of rockers and lift pistons set up at in direct opposition (when one is going down, the other is at the same position going up), which work a pair of wells pull resources from whatever is underground that needs pumping.

It’s obviously much more massive and complex than a classic pumpjack, and it’s a weird “alien” design that probably would get deep-sixed someone saw a human-designed pump jack. But for now at least, it serves its purpose.

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