Sketches – Pseudopine

I’m yet to give up drawing living things (probably for the best! Keep trying!) and this is another attempt of mine. The “Pseudopine” is one of several major families of trees on Fenris, and one that has followed in the wake as the Fenren have colonized different new worlds. While not the hardiest tree ever, its ability to survive in low-nutrient soils and exposed locations makes it a popular “starter” tree to make new colonies feel a little more like home.

Primarily found in cooler environs, the Pseudopine doesn’t have a standard “branch and leaf” structure, but instead has long “fronds” that extend outwards from the central stalk. These fronds are stiffened on the edges, providing some rigidity but not enough to properly create a support structure. As the tree grows, most fronds lower down the main trunk slowly wither and die off, though some manage to survive. This also gives the tree a far more needle-like appearance compared to more conventional cone shaped pine trees.

It’s worth noting that the name “Pseudopine” isn’t what the Fenren actually call it; I haven’t worked out a proper in-universe name for it, but one of these days I’ll work out something better. Either when I have to, or if something strikes me as being just right.

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