Free Station Tiber

A few of you might remember last year I did a sketch of a space station in Sol, orbiting one of Jupiter’s moons. Tiber Station was conceived as a little nod to a friend of mine, a little island of peace and calm somewhere in a world that seems to have come apart at the seams one too many times.

I had initially wanted this to be done by another artist (who was a good friend of my friend), but they turned it down as they were concerned that the work might get entangled with their own; I can respect this position. Entanglements, especially of a legal kind, are not to be approached casually. Fortunately however, in my wanderings on the ‘net I had run across another artist (R. J. Bartrop), who did some very, VERY good work. And as you can see, clearly did VERY good work here as well.

I’m especially appreciative of the work taking my original sketch (linked here) and making it something that looks good. It wasn’t the best of my sketches, and it took a few tweaks before it started looking like what I was thinking. He was a pleasure to work with and dealt with my ham-handed guidance with far more politeness than was really called for, and I look forward to asking him to do more in the future!

2 thoughts on “Free Station Tiber”

  1. I’ve always wondered with a spin station, if the part with the logo was also spinning or if it was a shell or something non-rotating so that the logo didn’t move. Easier to read? Able to keep pointed towards most common approaches? I can think of a few reasons why you’d want to do that…


    1. At least for Tiber Station, it’s just applied to the drum of the main habitation module; no spinning outer shell or projection. It certainly does some good branding work, but the primary concern with the station’s orientation is that the “view” from the inside looks good. Ideally, management wants Europa or Jupiter to be visible at least part of the time.


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