Sketches – Random Technology 3

This miscellaneous selection of doodles was pulled from a couple of different places, some from some youtube videos I was watching at the time, one of them from an imgur image that had an interesting detail to draw some inspiration from. Nothing there was really worthwhile to fully retain as part of my photo archive, but a few bits here and there were worth plucking out and sketching.

The defensive fort in the upper left is, as I recall, inspired from a game called “Beyond good and evil”. Originally the building was a kind of brickwork lighthouse with several side platforms. An interesting idea, but I then tweaked it into something that is a bit more reminiscent of an old (18-19th century) fort tower with some more modern (WW2 era) gun turrets on it. Realistically it wouldn’t survive a substantial battle, but it’s an interesting little doodle.

The ship and engine module is from somewhere, but I honestly can’t quite remember where I saw it. There’s a main engine (of sorts) and then with a cargo or fuel tank below that’s designed to be hot-swappable. It’s not a full ship concept, but some of this idea might be usable later for something.

In the upper right there’s a logo experiment. Another part of the geometric logo experiments that I did, but it’s just really too busy in its current form. Some parts of it are definitely usable, but anything that comes from this would be better suited as “simpler, but more colors”.

Finally in the bottom left we have a pair of “crystal vacuum tubes”. This is definitely a lot more steampunk than I would normally expect in my universe, but it just looks cool. It’s gotten a lot of use in a collection of softer sci-fi universes, especially as some kind of bleeding edge technology that is barely understood and dangerously unstable. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see in some kind of magitech laboratory or mad scientist’s lair, but I can’t help but think it might end up being a useful detail of something, somewhere.

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