Sketches – Desert Mesas

The needs of industry sometimes take odd directions, and in this case the needed resources are found in old volcanic mesas on some dusty, windswept world. One mesa has already been delved and harvested, transformed into a company town to take advantage of the already existing infrastructure and the need for local supporting services. A little farther back, the next mesa is experiencing the tender mercies as a container slowly fills with its processed core.

This was a more exploratory thought, with no real place in the universe for it to be placed. I had the idea of cities built into mesas, industrial plants digging into their cores to crack out whatever resources had been concentrated there, surrounded by windswept deserts. I used a few more sketch ideas of buildings and towers and I’m a bit happier with them here as part of a larger idea instead of just being a standalone sketch. This may yet find a place in my universe later on, but until then it remains an interesting idea.

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