Sketches – Random Technology 1

Sometimes I do a lot of little sketches on a single page, and instead of breaking them all up into their own sketches, I’ve decided to put them out on a single page.

The two upper left sketches are detail ideas taken from the Honor Harrington comic that came out a couple years back. I didn’t care for a lot of the designs (the artist’s take on the ships was an atrocity IMO) but they did have some interesting concepts for the mekhoa lab, and that’s where both the can and the hanging electrode array came from. The lower two on the left were from some lego starship designs, some kind of emitter and then a targeting array. I thought they were both nifty, so I did a quick sketch to save the idea.

The upper right sketch has a kind of heavy gun turret, built to work with the targeting array on the lower left. It kind of has a “star destroyer” chunky feel to it, but it is from the same lego models as the other designs on the left were from. I’m not sure if it’ll be useful. But better safe than sorry.

The last thing is a heavy hover-truck. It features the same “caged light” style of antigrav emitter that’s common in my universe, as well as several articulated landing pads, enabling it to rest on the ground while still carrying a heavy load. While used as a flatbed, this same truck is also used to haul containers, especially from warehouses and industries to the local ports. It has a kind of raised cab that is inspired by cab-over-engine units that are commonly seen from companies like DAF and Volvo, as well as shunter trucks that are seen at larger facilities.

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