Sketches – Terran Dominion Io-Class Cruiser

Terran Io Class Cruiser 1

The Io-Class Cruiser was the one of the first things I ever laid down for what would eventually become the Terran Dominion.

I knew that I wanted to have humanity in the universe somewhere, for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it’s always more relevant to write about humans than aliens. Secondly because it also helps ground things more solidly; it’s easier to speak in terms that are more familiar. Finally, because I needed a big bad. And I wanted a competent big bad. And if that means infighting and plots and layers like an onion, then not having to explain the very basics is only a good thing!

So, the Io was inspired from the hammerhead cruisers from the old SWTOR games. I liked the idea, but it really never got the kind of screen time that I felt it deserved. And so I decided to give it a try, and I was quite happy with how it turned out!

The Io-Class was built mainly at the colossal TABK shipyards in orbit over Mars. Before the Collapse War, the Io was a common sight in Commonwealth fleets as well as various member nation task forces. With rapid fire missile launchers for all around firepower, compact laser weapons for close in defense, and a pair of broadside mass driver rings to provide additional kinetic punch, the Io was considered an excellent fleet combatant. While not as effective in any one dedicated role, the Io was capable of providing convoy escort, anti-piracy operations, fleet support, and small craft suppression equally well.

As the Collapse War ground on, the Io became even more common, as it was in such numbers that spare parts and replacement systems were easily found, helped by the fact that the TABK yards were spared the harshest measures in the war. With the end of the Collapse war and the founding of the Terran Dominion, the Io remains a staple in human space.

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