Sketches – Dortmund Processing Tower

Sketch - Dortmund Processing Tower

This sketch was originally inspired by 3d render someone had posted on Artstation (I think) of a tower structure on top of a mountain, with a spaceship flying towards it. Very industrial, very high-tech.

The reason I thought this would be found on Nordhausen, in the Dortmund star system, is because it has a rather… unpleasant atmosphere. In addition to the standard nitrogen and carbon cycles, Dortmund also has a chlorine cycle. Not enough to be insidious per-se, but people pay attention to the weather report pretty closely. Rainstorms are unpleasant. Dilute hydrochloric acid rainstorms tend to void warranties on everything up to and including smaller habitats.

As to why people would even want to come to such an inviting world… well, chlorine is a valuable industrial chemical. But even more valuable is the local plant life. Virtually every kind of flora on Nordhausen utilizes a kind of vinyl chloride as its main structural component, and several species are economically viable to farm and harvest.

So how does the tower fit in? Nordhausen is a somewhat large planet, with a heavy but somewhat thicker atmosphere. Starships obviously aren’t keen on flying deeper into the corrosive soup, so instead they arrive at a few large shipping towers built on top of geologically stable mountains. Towering above the denser lower atmosphere, they’re one of the few places that going outside without a suit isn’t a once way ticket to the burn ward.

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