Close Combat Art

Once again delivers! The second of three images he’s been working on has been delivered, and this one is a stunner! While the first one showed off the brand new more detailed Sintillan Frigate, this one not only features the Bulygin-Class Frigate putting in some work, but also shows off a deWulf Slingshot-Class Destroyer taking the brunt of the damage.

This bit of art will also be going into Scenario Book 1, a nice bit of line art right in the middle of the war. There were a few times where Sintillan frigates were able to get in close, and when they could their bomb-pumped laser mounts always left a mark. Against something as small as a destroyer, even a single mount could carve deep into critical systems with a single shot.

The Slingshot is also the recipient of some of the excellent detailing work that d1d2m3 delivers. Compared to earlier deWulf designs, you can see that the “bridge” structure has lost its previous streamlined look and instead picked up sharper, more angular lines. The forward jaw has a pair of diagonal supports, and the hull, especially around the corners, has picked up several new edges and protrusions. One thing I’m very happy with is the appearance of quad engine mounts, something that the Slingshot is supposed to have, but even my own 3d art didn’t!

I’ve got a copy of the picture here on my website, and of course Scenario Book 1 will have a high-quality picture as well, but if you want to take a good look at it in the wild, I’d suggest going to and take a look!

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