Sketches – Watchman-class “Storozh” refit

deWulf Storozh Frigate

A later design, following the amalgamation of the Sintillan state by the deWulf. This was my first experiment in trying to create a “melded” design that took various aesthetic concepts from both navies and forged them into something that had elements of both designs, but was clearly its own thing. Nominally a frigate, this refit changes out the smaller deWulf bridge concept with a larger Sintillan superstructure and adds in Sintillan “wing” structures on the side of the hull, as well as a Sintillan style engine mount. All of this is grafted onto the more classic deWulf open jaw hull form.

The Watchman-class is a common security patrol boat seen in civilian service. Operating as part of the deWulf Raumpatrouille, the Watchman is used to provide security and rescue services for their owners and contracted parties. As with most long-serving designs, it became clear that more hardware was needed to get the job done. The refit traded out bulky commercial engines for faster Sintillan combat drives, giving them sprint capability without sacrificing too much cruising speed. The expanded wings gave the ship enough space to accomodate a much more powerful long-range communications suite and an upgraded tractor beam to provide more effective support to cripples.

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