June 2019 Sitrep

What gives? It’s half way through July and you’re only now doing a sitrep?


While May was kind of a wash, what with the tail end of my vacation and coming back to work, June’s been a pleasant change in a lot of ways. Started to get the content engines back up up and running, began the last steps on getting things organized and ready to roll, and actually managed to process a few turns!

On the artist front it’s been a mixed bag. On one hand I’ve mostly gotten a set of updated art assets done from one of my artists, the other one has confirmed that her laptop is down hard and isn’t going to get replaced anytime soon. I’ve got no ETA and no idea when that might be remedied, so that puts a lot of character art pretty much at a hard stop. Which is a damn shame. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of another artist; their style looks complementary to what I already have, but I haven’t reached out to them yet. Something for July to resolve, I think.

No updates on any of the upcoming products, really. I’ve gotten the playtesting bag reset and organized (and dropped the big roll-up hexmat in exchange for some hex boards from Federation Commander), so it’s a lot easier to just “pick up and test”. Which is good, but I still have to set up that playtesting! Another summer project it seems.

I’m hoping that July will prove to be perhaps a little less productive post-wise, but more productive in actual content. That’s what it’s shaping out to be so far, but I still have a few weeks to go.

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