Sketches – Krak Freighter – FT4

The Milion-class freighter has been in service for only two years before it became clear that larger hulls were needed. The Itinera-class was the result of that need. Again to to the surprise of many, it emerged from the shipyards without a collection of advisories and spaceworthiness directives. While some (the provosts and magisters primarily) hailed this as the start of a new era in Krak shipbuilding, the College of Engineering merely pointed out that this was an “iterative, scaled up design offered nothing new”. The Provost of Engineering was, as in most matters, duly ignored.

Still, those in charge of logistics and facilities were thankful that the lighting had indeed struck twice and the Itinera-class proved to have the same no-nonsense performance of it’s predecessor. The biggest change was in the sheer size of the container grid; instead of a mere ten containers the Itinera carried twenty, with a bare increase in crewing. Even though the engine displacement had doubled, the use of new, low-maintenance “Aeopile” drive units actually lowered maintenance requirements below what the older Milion’s “Grasso” drives required. Again, the College of Engineering pointed out that they were merely licence-built copies of deWulf Heavy Industries “DampfWerke” line of commercial drive units, but these complaints again fell on deaf ears.

One more Krak freighter (the last one, I promise!) This is the follow-on to the Milion, bring it up to be roughly comparable with in-service deWulf models, though it’s still a bit smaller. I suppose after working in logistics for so long, one’s mind tends to lean towards the same even while writing! But even so, it’s an important part of what makes different societies different. Not everyone comes up with the same solution, and even when it is using similar technologies and has to be compatible, there’s no reason to think that everything will be the same.

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