Sketches – Krak Freighter – FT2

The Milion-Class freighter in service with the Krak University States is an oddity. Not that it exists, but that for once it was a product that was conceived, developed, and put into production without requiring a recall, safety notice, or mandatory refit. Part of the reason is that some of the design components are freely licenced designs from deWulf Heavy Industries, but the single biggest reason is that it’s really kind of hard to over-complicate a freighter.

The basic inspiration from the deWulf Zweireiner freighter is clear, but instead of having containers being attached on either side of a keel spar, the Milion has them bolted underneath a longer single spar. While this makes for a longer hull with comparatively sleeker lines, it has no impact on its cargo capacity or turnaround time (no matter what the sales brochures say). While the Milion has only been in service for a few years, it has already begun to lose market share to its larger cousin the Itinera-Class, its smaller size means that it retains an edge wherever there are space restrictions or just not enough cargo to justify the larger vessel.

Yet another example of space freighter. I really went in on a kick when I was doodling these. I only have a couple left (I think) but that’s still a lot of them! It’s been kind of fun working out what different races have for freighters, as it’s a mix of their own design concepts and the standard container spec having to work together somehow. The Krak design is a kind of “grape” design where all the containers “hang” down from a single support truss, as opposed to the deWulf “spine” seen on the Zweireiner-class or the “tree” style on the Provider-class.

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