Sketches – Random Ship Design 3

This design is another exploratory concept, though one that has a fairly solid “inspiration”. I was watching a friend play the Borderlands: Pre-Sequel when a bunch of Dahl ships jumped in during a cutscene, and this was a kind of design note study of the ships that were shown. A couple differences exist, mainly that the Dahl ships had fixed gun mounts instead of turrets, and they didn’t really have anything like a bridge structure, just some fairly generic greebles on the outside.

The one really interesting thing though was the non-standard drive locations. Instead of a more conventional direct aft location, they’re fitted in on the sides of the ship, and rather than having large “engine” modules, they’re smoothly built into the hull. I sketched out a few other potential exhaust designs, which might work out somewhat depending on the kind of ship that gets them. Though to be honest, the fact that they’re still pretty similar (in my eyes) to the Dahl ships means that this design will almost certainly be used as an interim stage towards a more usable design.

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