Sketches – Random Ship Design 2

Another exploratory design concept, this one was from I was spending time at a monthly game night playing a multiplayer wargame. Sometimes the turns drag on and on (analysis paralysis my old friend, we meet again…) and there’s only so that staring at the battlefield will help you. So I decided to try doing something else. Another table had a bunch of fantasy or historical games, and I was looking at one figure that had a particularly large bow. So I decided to try and make it into a starship.

I’m not entirely happy with how this design came out. It’s definitely not the kind of thing I’d expect to see in my universe, outside of some kind of odd solar-sail design. The aft drive units are taken from another figure’s weapon at the same time (a trident) but this time made a bit more three dimensional. If I ever use this kind of a hull form, it’ll definitely be getting some reworking, probably to add some additional heft and mass to the design. It’s possible this will see some kind of use for a design that requires more forward protection, like a kind of whiffle shield taken to the extreme.

But that’s the nature of exploratory design concepts. Sometimes they really work out, sometimes not…

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