New (old) Art: Sintillan Uniforms

This is a bit of art that got done a long time back, at least a year and change ago, but never actually got posted. Well, that time is now!

Unlike previous sets that looked at deWulf enlisted and then officer art, this one is a single post that covers the Sintillan Navy. All things considered, the Sintillan Navy is one that has a simpler set of uniforms compared to other spacefaring polities. One uniform is standard issue for enlisted (and also used by officers while working), one uniform specifically for day to day wear for officers, and the standard space suit used by all Sintillan crew.

The basic work uniform is an exercise in simplicity. The basic cut is of a heavy-duty work overalls, produced in a single high-visibility material and integral pressure seals. Unlike other uniforms that feature multiple ranking or departmental insignias, specializations, and other identifying marks, the Sintillan work uniform has only the most basic ornamentation. Ranks are displayed on shoulders (an interesting demonstration of convergent evolution), while the People’s Republic of Sintilla Badge is prominently displayed on one breast. Opposite the vertical seal is the wearer’s grouping name and a simple badge indicating functional specialization.

Work Uniform

Unsurprisingly, this uniform is not rated for combat and it is strongly suggested that it not be used in dangerous situations as it has no ability to be transformed into a pressure-tight suit. Several polities have suggested that the overall design resembles a prison jumpsuit; the criticisms are not entirely unwarranted.

The uniform seen here is of an engineering under-rating, assigned to any number of engineering tasks on board a Sintillan ship. While the wearer likely has some level of specialized knowledge in specific systems, it is up to their commanders to ensure that they are assigned to the correct tasks. In practice, most engineering under-ratings end up having a passible understanding of most systems.

Standard Skinsuit

All Sintillan Navy crew share the same broad skinsuit design. Much like the deWulf suit, it is engineered for short to middling usage, and provides effective protection against vacuum as well as fire and cold. Unlike deWulf suits, Sintillan suits have long pressure seals along the front (indicated here by the red piping) that allows the average Sintillan to “back into” the suit, then pull it up and seal themselves in. This design decision makes it substantially easier to don a suit (and drastically simplifies customization) but substantially compromises most onboard suit functions. Compared to a deWulf-built suit, it has lower innate endurance and power reserves. While not conclusively proven, there is a strong suspicion that most Sintillan Navy suits are reverse-engineered from captured civilian and navy suits at the beginning of the First Contact War.

Also unlike deWulf suits, there is no difference between an enlisted and command suit. A Sintillan officer has to use their command systems through the suit, and cannot expect to have an integral HUD or other systems interface options.

Officer Uniform

The officer uniform is even more austere than the work uniform, eschewing specialization badges entirely. A small People’s Republic of Sintilla Badge is seen on the round cap in the center, though its location also ensures that it is almost always blocked from observation by the wearer’s central eyestalk. Other than that, the uniform is almost completely absent of decoration or identification.

I would like to take a moment to thank Blu3Dawn14 for doing this wonderful art, as well as several other pieces that can be found throughout this website. Her other art and contact information can be found at:

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