Sketches – deWulf Defense Station BS4

As spaceships grew larger, so did defensive space stations in turn. The current (as of 11.0 AS) state of the art is the massive Base Station 4 hull, massing as much as a dreadnought in raw size. Unlike a dreadnought though, a station does not need to devote a large fraction of its internal space to engines. This means it can be more heavily armed and armored, and become a terrifying bastion to overcome.

The deWulf Zitadelle-class BS4 is what is roughly sketched here, bristling with heavy torpedo tube batteries and a substantial point defense array. Unfortunately, architectural creativity was in short supply when the Zitadelle was designed, making it a rather ungainly collection of cubic hull blocks. Still, it was never was meant to win a design contest, and both the Corporate Navy and the stations crews were pleased with its performance during the Elysian war.

This sketch was an initial exploratory concept for what larger deWulf base stations would look like. The smaller BS0 and BS1 stations have a fairly basic look to them as well, but one that is a bit more visually pleasing in comparison. While it’s not a design that I’m very happy with, I’m not not unhappy with it either. I don’t have a real coherent look for how deWulf base stations will look yet, though this was a good firs step. Like many exploratory designs, this one will get to sit around until either it is superseded by something else (and in which case it will be retained for potential use elsewhere).

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