New (old) Art: deWulf Enlisted Uniform

So a while back I posted a sketch showing the deWulf ranks (shoulder boards). After I had posted, one of my readers commented that engineers should have purple as their color on their boards. I responded that specializations were shown, but not on the rank insignia. And that purple was the color for engineering.

But at the same time, I realized that outside the universe page, there aren’t any posts or images that showed what the deWulf uniforms looked like! Certainly no discussions about them, talking about differences, details, and when one particular uniform is used (or not used). So after a bit of digging to pull up the original bits of art, here they finally are!

While more commonly called deWulf (after the name of the interstellar nation they founded), their proper name is Fenren. While visibly similar to various canine species, their own genome is unique to themselves. Shown below are three separate uniform types as seen in the deWulf navy. Common across all three uniforms are the Navy badge on the left shoulder, and his unit badge on the right shoulder. The nametag is always found on the left breast, and on the light dress and work suit he has his main qualification badges on his right breast.

Below is Senior Engineer Linden in light dress uniform:

Senior Engineer Linden (Light Dress Uniform)

As seen it is a rather classical suit and tie. This uniform is often seen at dress occasions and general usage planetside. This uniform is NOT recommended for use aboard ship or station due to its multiple loose bits of clothing and complete inability to protect against vacuum.

Senior Engineer Linden (Work Uniform)

Above is the work suit, standard uniform while in space. It is a much more form fitting bit of clothing, and the color at the tops of his arms and collar indicates his department (purple for engineering). On his right breast his certification badges are clearly seen. From left to right, the badges are Electrical Engineering, Communication Systems, and Mechanical Engineering respectively. If he had fewer certifications, his rank would be Senior Electrician, Senior Comms, or Senior Mech; holding all three indicates that Senior Engineer Linden is experienced in general systems beyond what his rank would suggest. This image also clearly shows the ship patch on the right shoulder (in this case the dWS Hauptmann).

In an emergency, Senior Engineer Linden can put on “boots and bubble”, a generic set of mittens that seal at the wrists, footcovers that seal at the ankle, and an unwieldy bubble helmet that seals down at the neck (the tail gets pinched at the base to try and protect the wearer). While this provides SOME protection against vacuum, it’s intended only to protect the wearer long enough to get to pressurized compartments. 

Senior Engineer Linden (Skinsuit)

The third kind of uniform is the skinsuit. This is a suit designed for short to middling length usage while vacuum (or at risk of vacuum exposure). These suits are produced to a rough template, but are usually custom-fit to make them comfortable for longer term use. Fully sealed from neck downwards, most crewmembers take a while to get used to how their tails have to be curled in to a pouch in the lower back. Early experiments in having a “third leg” for the tail proved to be one of those good ideas that didn’t quite work, as fitting a tail backwards into the suit took far too long and always proved to be unwieldy.

The helmet includes a built in communications system and respirator. Storage vacuoles in the suit store waste and provide an hour of air independent of hookups to other systems. The helmet also has a built in HUD that can interface with most tools, making repairs and maintenance easier by relaying the readouts in a clear, easy to read format. The same communications system also IDs nearby friendly suits, and provides information on certifications and specializations, removing the requirement for chest badges.

I would like to take a moment to thank Blu3Dawn14 for doing this wonderful art, as well as several other pieces that can be found throughout this website. Her other art and contact information can be found at:

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