Sketches – Container Lighter

There are multiple models of container transporters in deWulf space. Most of them are larger models seen at more established ports, capable of quickly and securely docking onto containers before hauling them either across the port or in and out of orbit. But these transporters are expensive, maintenance intensive, and most critically bulky.

UAC’s G-Schiff was the antithesis to these bigger container transports. Instead of complex docking arrangements, balanced engines and a full-up crew compartment, the G-Schiff has a pair of simple docking arms, an oversized engineering module, and a “bridge” module that isn’t much better than those found on a small shuttle. But that austerity made the G-Schiff a popular seller at smaller ports that needed a short-haul lighter that wasn’t ever expected to stray from it’s base. Later versions made the side grapple arms collapsible, which made the G-Schiff small enough to be carried in a modified shuttle bay. This version proved to be the most popular yet, giving many ships a rough-field capability.

This is another design of a fairly ubiquitous bit of hardware in shipping: the container shuttle. You see these all over the place in most container facilities. Some of them are bigger top-picker designs, other ones are small side-clamps that can’t really handle large stacks. This design is meant to be one of the shorter ‘cheap and cheerful’ kind of designs that’s really only good for short-range local hauling. It’s the equivalent of a yard shunt truck or the like. Very austere design, just enough to move it over a few spaces.

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