Sketches – Fenris Rough Draft

One of the things that’s been sitting on my back burner has been the thought “What does the deWulf home world look like?” Not like “what do the buildings look like” kind of way, but rather what do the landmasses look like? Where are the continents? Where are the major polities located?

This map is not the first attempt at building one, but it the first time where I was reasonably happy with the rough outline. I had several requirements when I was trying out different landforms:

  • It had to have at least two major landmasses
  • The larger one had to have space/geography for a large river
  • There had to be a landmass in such a form that it would make a canal across it VERY useful
  • There had to be about 57% coverage by water (this could be adjusted some, but be +/- 5% or so ideally.
  • The two landmasses could not be substantially separated (IE like Europe/Africa and North/South America)

Beyond these broad requirements (which are key to fitting into already written story beats), the rest of it was up for grabs. I think I went through a good half-dozen various ideas before this one finally came about. Now, obviously this is a basic freehand drawing, so something like the hydrography percentage is obviously not going to completely match, but it’s entirely possible to tweak the exact size of the landmasses to get something closer. As well, this is a free-form design. That means that things like the tectonic plates that would underpin this geography aren’t laid out yet. Those can offer all kinds of additional details and changes.

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