Sketches – Cargo Conduit Detail

With interstellar freight having long ceased to be novelty and more and more becoming a commonplace part of life, in-space cargo handling is steadily becoming a new problem that needs handling. While the majority of interstellar freight moves via container, enough transshipment happens in space that some defined cargo handling is starting to become standardized in turn

One development is a more standardized docking pylon for individual cargo containers. As in-space industry expands and becomes more developed, standard container docking points are becoming more common. Closely related to loading bays on planet-side warehouses, these docking points allow for in-space use of cargo without having a large container docking array.

This sketch was originally just a doodle riffing on some other artwork that I saw elsewhere. Honestly not 100% sure where now that I think about it. I want to say maybe from the Honor Harrington comic that was done a few years ago. But I honestly can’t remember. It’s an interesting little detail sketch, but not too much more. At least, for now.

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