Sketches – deWulf Destroyer Concept

A beauty sketch of the Slingshot-Class destroyer under power. Most likely before the First Contact War, in the Falke star system.

This is one of my first sketches for the deWulf. It’s actually old enough that it wasn’t even in my coilbound sketchbook, but in an older hardcovered sketchbook (I get that it’s more durable, but man it was a pain to actually art in). I was still fishing around for ideas on how deWulf ships should look like, and this one was a different experiment, going for a more “completed” sketch instead of an engineering design.

Some of the original concepts are visible: the upraised superstructure, the multi-block engine exhausts. Other parts are present, but will later move or be somewhat different, like the side-mounted hatch and the torpedo launch tube. Finally the radar mount right on the nose looks cute, but it’s entirely the wrong kind of array (a big rotating one? really?). It’s also worth noting that the hull itself doesn’t have any definition as to how it’s actually shaped either. The torpedo tube suggests that it somehow flares out like a submarine, but the hard angles really don’t work with that assumption.

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