Sketches – Corporate Logos 2

A second page of logo concepts, the one in the upper left is a continuation of using the same shape repeatedly, this time experimenting with some texturing to create a more interesting shape. The one in the upper right is a pretty generic design concept of letters within letters; nothing really inspiring, but a fairly solid concept that works. But it was just as much a case of fitting words together to come up with a name (instead of the other way around)

The second set of concepts is a bit more interesting, where I had the idea of using two of the letters to be “part” of the overall weapon (in this case the iron sights forward post and the pistol grip). While this is a bit more of a case of “coming up with a name to fit the design”, it is also a lot more of a focused idea since there’s only so many letters that one can end a word or name with that would actually work. That then also dictates what kind of a word (made up or otherwise) that you can then use. Combine it with a vaguely “Russian-ish” or “German-ish” naming feel, and you have a pretty shallow pond to fish in. The design on the right is an attempt to extend the idea by changing the name to allow a “lettered” magazine to be another part of the name. I’ll be honest, I think the left hand one works better. The right hand one just seems forced.

But that’s the nature of experimenting. Find out what works, what doesn’t, and work from there.

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