Sketches – Corporate Logos 1

Once you have a new tool, there is of course a bit of temptation to play with it to see what you can do. Several posts back I mentioned I got my hands on a small geometric tool set that fit in my sketchbook; this is me playing with some of the shapes that it had to see what kind of logos or designs that I could come up with. Since they’re more creative designs than they are something that has to physically exist (as a structure or a building or a ship), there’s a fair amount more freedom.

Most of these shapes are various experimentations in how to layer and overlap simple shapes into more complex designs, or assembling a more unique shape from a simpler smaller building block. Some of these ideas are likely to get used in the future (the ones on the far left and right), others are more exploratory concepts.

The one in the bottom right, Pavlavic, has a pair of inspirations. The name is from a secondary character from the Honor Harrington universe that somehow seemed to fit, whereas the shape itself is very similar to a lot of Jovian corporations from EVE Online. To be honest, while it does look kind of cool, the raw similarity to the Jovian corps kind of means this is a design dead end. But it was still an interesting and informative little set of experiments.

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