Sketches – deWulf Passenger Shuttle

Manufactured in a wide range of models, capabilities, and internal configurations, the deWulf Heavy Industries Massern-class passenger shuttle is quite literally the standard by which all other small craft are measured. While smaller than many other craft (including older air-breathing passenger and cargo haulers), the Massern’s drive field propulsion system makes for substantially faster travel speeds.

It in fact is totally reliant on its drive field for flight, as it is otherwise only somewhat aerodynamic and has no lifting surfaces whatsoever. While this could be considered somewhat dangerous, drive field systems are surprisingly durable: given the lack of moving parts and intake/exhaust systems, a properly sealed drive unit can be in continual operation for weeks or months before requiring maintenance. Another benefit it gains is that while the shuttle’s frame is quite short, it is substantially wider than a more conventional airframe, giving it a substantial amount of cargo capacity.

Illustrated above is the base model of Massern, with a passenger cabin on the upper deck and a crew and cargo deck on the bottom.

This guy came out of some more doodling when I was working out what a lot of the more common deWulf small craft would look like. The Massern isn’t too innovative or interesting, really. It’s a flying cylinder with a mixed cargo capacity; basically something that fills the broad design niche of smaller commuter transport aircraft. But for a design that’s meant to fill a business niche, innovation and interesting isn’t really called for; what is called for is efficiency and simplicity.

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