Sketches – Random Technology 2

A part of sketching is sometimes jut pulling random bits and pieces together. I forget where either of these were inspired from, I think some otherwise unremarkable comic book or website. Both of the images are pretty standard concepts, the first one a somewhat futuristic sensor tower. While the big spherical thing is more common for something like a classic radome, it would also offer protection to a more sensitive radio transceivers.

The second is a smaller secondary assembly bay, something to be seen as part of a larger complex. Built to provide maintenance or construction support, it’s not really envisaged as being a major construction bay. Perhaps part of a machine shop that supports (dis)assembly in addition to repair work.

2 thoughts on “Sketches – Random Technology 2”

  1. Thank you for the update. I can see that you are getting into using draftsman’s tools, and so, creating more clearly understood drawings. Dad



    1. I picked up a little template of draftsman’s shapes (square, triangle, circle, hexagon) and ruler a couple years back that fits inside my sketchbook. It’s not always used, but it definitely helps when I’m building out some hull shapes. These ones were admittedly a lot more of a “direct inspiration” than others, which is possibly why they look cleaner than others.


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