Sketches – Medieval Castle

Long before the establishment of the Faith of the Forge or proto-nation-states, the dominant faith was a lunar cult based around the cycles of Fenris’ single moon, Sif. When the cult reached its zenith (shortly before the rise of the Forge), several dedicated lunar observatories were the preeminent centers of faith.

The original name of this site is unfortunately lost to present history, though continuing scholarship has made some progress in identifying how this observatory fit in with the overall calendar. Situated on a small island in an alpine lake, it is believed that this observatory was primarily concerned with marking the shift of the seasons in conjunction with the lunar cycle. The location’s weather has historically trended to clear skies, and the surrounding granite peaks function as effective with which to help mark moonrises. While these peaks were eventually replaced by a ring of stones in a raised central hill, several of the mountains maintained significance even as the cult itself waned.

This was a different kind of an idea, something that is as far as the deWulf are concerned, very ancient history. Ancient enough that it predates the more dominant Forge faith. Bits of the more ancient lunar cult did become synchronistic however, though the main tenants ceased to be a part of any organized faith. This sketch came out of the same D&D game night, and was the most exploratory of the three.

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