Sketches – deWulf Never Depot

When the deWulf Navy needs secure storage, they turn to the Never Depot. One of the earliest sustained military locations that was off-planet, this was where the the deWulf Corporate Democracy shipped any weapons of mass destruction after the unification war. While the weapons remained under Corporate Democracy control, the fact that they were stored in visible, out of the way location did much to reassure the average citizen that even the limited nuclear release was one that would not be repeated anytime soon.

Over the years, the depot saw slow but steady upgrades. Originally a few hardened surface structures, the complex soon was renovated with the addition of a proper hab dome (to reduce flights in and out to a minimum), and a proper hardened subsurface bunker. Expansion work slowly continued at the facility, with new levels being excavated on a regular basis over the years. While asset transfers in and out of the Never Depot were infrequent and closely monitored, it was the Corporate Democracy’s official position that it was better to have more secure space and not need it than to suddenly discover a need and not have it available.

The biggest change to the Never Depot was when it was selected as a manufacturing location for Siezuron, a nerve gas that was lethal to all known sapient species. The Elysian War had resulted in the research, development, and authorized deployment of this weapon in vast quantities, and the need for a secure production facility was paramount. Given that the Never Depot would be the storage site for all equipment and technology once there was no further need, it was the obvious production site. A surface production hall was built adjacent to the admin dome, with completed munitions either sent to secure storage or to the cargo pad for export to combat units.

Readers may wonder why a reserve was not planned to be stored: the chemicals in question, even in precursor form, are inherently unstable and would begin to break down after several months, even in controlled storage conditions. Therefore, at the end of the campaign it was planned that all unexpended munitions would be dropped into the sun for secure destruction, and if required a new batch would be produced using available equipment.

The Never Depot is one of those secure facilities that every modern country has. Every one that has a stockpile of “special” munitions. Someplace to build them, store them, and if needed dispose of them. Always somewhere out of the way and secure, it’s also a place that suffers for its security since oversight is almost by definition hard. If not impossible. This place is actually inspired by two separate but related things. The name comes from one of Tom Clancy’s last novels, a storage depot for last-generation military equipment stored under a mountain but retained for a specific emergency. The location comes from the novel 3001, where the Pico Vault was a bunker on Luna specifically built to study and store various WMDs.

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