Fleet Review

So there was a little thread on Facebook about someone getting a fairly random pile of minis, and one of the things that I noticed was that they had a bunch of old Starfire™ minis in the mix. That got me thinking about the pile that I have (that I picked up back in university). I have a fairly organized lead reserve so it was easy for me to dig them out and take a photo. And when I say Lead, I mean it. These things are old enough that they’re proper lead pewter. Which is also kind of a shame, because not only does that make handling them actually a little trickier (you want to wash your hands after handling them), but they can also start suffering lead rot.

85 ships. Not too bad a fleet!

At the back left we have eight superdreadnoughts, and to the left of them are four carriers and one light carrier. In front of the superdreadnoughts are five battleships. On the far right are fourteen battlecruisers, and tucked in front of the battleships in the centre are a trio of cruisers. And in front of them are eight corvettes. Just to their left are a mass of fourteen destroyers, and on the far front left are twelve frigates. Tucked away un the upper left are nine battle stations, and to the right, in between the carriers in back and the destroyers are seven little escort ships.

I’ve managed to paint a few of these, one or two of each class, but nowhere near the full fleet. Of course, that’s how it goes with miniatures. You always have more to paint.

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