Sketches – Perspective Attempt 1

Even while the war hasn’t quite ended, peace has returned, for a time at least, to Finn’s Massif. The one remaining major population centre on Dave’s World, it still paid a heavy price in blood for its survival. While the core of the city remained somewhat intact, the suburbs and outlying regions, especially out towards the spaceport, were at at best rubble fields. One of the first acts of closure, beyond merely rebuilding what had been lost, was the construction of The High Plaza, a memorial square on an outcrop of the mountain that overlooked the valley that the city was in. Inscribed on every paving brick was the name of one of the dead. Mixed together at random, Elysian and deWulf and Sintillan names alike, the dead were given one last chance at a life they no longer had.

This was one of my first attempts at perspective, and it’s hard to say it’s anything other than “maximum suck”. You can see a few uses of some of my city building designs on the left, and some… rough attempts at distance. Pretty clear that I was a band student and not an art student, isn’t it? Still, it gives an idea of what one might be seeing.

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