Sketches – Y-12 Yards

Every government has a few out of the way installations that do the quiet, secret work that is best done out of view. Evaluating captured equipment, building and testing prototypes, supporting black operations. For the deWulf, this is the Y-12 yards. Officially known as SchultzFlach Station, it was originally built as part of a corporate black ops operation in Witzig system. The governor of Eben Emanel (the sole habitable planet) in the Witzig system worked with DeepSpace IG to try and secede from the Corporate Democracy. Unfortunately for them, the plan was discovered and foiled. The shipyards they built were dismantled and sold for scrap.


In fact, the yards were disassembled, but the individual parts disappeared into the deWulf Navy logistics system and “lost”. They were then shipped to the uninhabited binary component in Witzig, reassembled in orbit of a small kuiper belt object far from any known warp points. Given some cosmetic upgrades, the yard fell under direct management from the deWulf Navy, and was supplied almost exclusively by ships contracted from Blue Star Lines. Transport is generally organized directly from Mittelspannung Shipyards, in order to best conceal where any resources are actually used. One additional defense of the system was psychological: repeated and continual leaks of leads (most false, with a few real) to the conspiracy digital publication “Weekly Grumman Star” ensured that any attempts to research Y-12 would result in a massive amount of chaff that would only get worse the longer it existed.

Once in operation, Y-12 became the primary testing and evaluation site for the deWulf Navy. The Y-12 yards conducted the evaluation of the captured Elysian Battlecruiser “Feather of Duty”, and were the test yard that evaluated the concept of the Siege Dreadnought. That concept was refined into the Sieg-Class Siege Dreadnought.

Y-12/SchultzFlach is a double series of references as well as a concept. Y-12 is a reference to the Y-12 complex in Oak Ridge, one of the largest “secret” installations in the world and part of the manufacturing chain for the first atom bombs. SchultzFlach is a bastardized translation of “Rifleman Bank”, the location of a secret intermediary facility from the Deus Ex: Human Revolution game. With both, it was a facility that was “off the books” as much as possible, doing work that was not to be seen.

Design-wise, Y-12 is a bit of a departure from what we’ve seen (and will see) from deWulf shipyards. Instead of an open gantry with production equipment, the Y-12 yards are closed up, another design decision to prevent even visual inspection. Another difference is the trilateral symmetry, with a trio of individual shipyards around a central support core. Again, this was done to help suggest how each area is its own separate work area, helping keep any projects properly compartmented.

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