Sketches – deWulf Siege Dreadnought

Conceived in the aftermath of the disastrous 2nd Battle of Elysium, the Sieg-Class Dreadnought is a heavy capital ship built around one weapon system and one purpose: applying long range firepower to a planet. Utilizing new, prototype technologies, the Sieg straddles the barrier between a mobile warship and a defensive base station. The key parts are a pair of massive Donnerer RG-120 class drive torii that form the core of the dreadnought’s propulsion systems, and a brand new weapons system for the deWulf Corporate Navy.

While conceptually based on standard commercial engine specifications, the RG-120 incorporates significant design modifications that allows its station-keeping mode to behave like a defensive station, providing unparalleled maneuverability AND an extended engagement range. In exchange, the RG-120 is incapable of synch-locking with other engine rooms, meaning that the Sieg has a top speed that is best described as “plodding”. While her builders prefer to call her speed “deliberate”, there is no masking the fact that the deWulf main battle-line can outrun her while at cruise speed.

The other major difference is the Sieg’s primary armament. For the first time, the deWulf Corporate Navy purchased a weapon system from an allied star nation. Built into the ship’s spine are a pair of massive “Cabrera-class” mass drivers, built by Royal Magnetics of Ibiza. While somewhat shorter ranged than the deWulf standard plasma torpedo, the mass drivers have expanded magazines capable of holding in excess of twelve thousand shots, and their small profile makes them near impossible to intercept with point defense fire. Doctrinally, the Sieg is simple and to the point. Approach the target, switch to station keeping, and commence firing. The Sieg’s first battle was the climactic 3rd Battle of Elysium.

Originally, I designed this as something that would be an Ibizan Battlecruiser; sleek and fast, equipped with a heavy spinal mount for breaking enemy lines or barraging targets from a distance. The idea was that it would represent the growing deWulf influence in various Ibizan spheres as they slowly grew closer and closer, but as the story progressed it started to find a new place. Instead now it represents Ibizan influence in the deWulf Navy, as the idea of a spinal weapon was entirely unknown in deWulf service. Along the way she also picked up a few thousand tons of mass and jumped up a trio of sizes. I’m not sure about the side “wings”, if I should keep them or not. I think they’ll get repurposed to a degree, but exactly how that plays out we’ll all have to see.

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