Sketches – Elysian Buildings

While Elysian architecture has its own various themes, most of them are familiar to city dwellers. But a few styles are distinctly Elysian, and one of those is the wing and eagle motif. While some designs were… less than eagerly accepted by the general populace, the overall consensus was that it was possible to merge architectural elegance and proper deference to the White Wings at the same time. The “wing and eagle” school of design was on its way out by the time of the Elysian-deWulf war, being replaced by the more austere “New Steel” school.

I’m rather happy with how this looks overall. I was curious what I could do with various ideas of “bird buildings”. The first sketch on the left is more of a kind of pagoda-ish experiment, while the middle left and far right are ideas on using bird-heads in some different manners. The middle left looks more like a seagull than anything more impressive (buildings stealing french fries, there’s a terrifying idea!), while the right is kind of a weird bird head and body in a vertical climb. But the middle right, that one I think is something right. Wings as a part of outer shell around the central core, wrapping around and up, with a kind of stylized tapered head… I think I got a winner there.

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