New Art, New Details

So for the last two months Sitreps (September and October) I mentioned that I was working with another artist to potentially get some artwork done. In the October Sitrep I finally mentioned his online account (, but now I’m finally showing off the first piece of completed art!

He’s pretty good, eh?

This bit of art, depicting a Sintillan Bulygin-Class Frigate emerging from a warp point, is going to be going into Scenario Book 1, and I don’t think I could have asked for more, or better. This is set early in the campaign, when the Peoples of Sintilla Navy were still on the offensive, their fleet being reinforced before pressing advancing past the planet Yutani.

Originally I was planning on only posting this one, but frankly that would be a waste. D1D2M3’s art is just too good to sit on quietly. So when the rest of it (oh, I didn’t say that I was wanting to get more? Surprise!) i’ll be posting it up here too. Just, faster than getting this one posted 🙂

But what do I mean by “more details”? Well, simple. If you look at the ship model itself, you can see that there’s actually a fair amount more detail in the hull than in the 3d model that I’ve made of it. The gun turret is much beefier and looks a lot more like a turret instead of a sphere that was cut in half. The bridge mount over the catamaran is sloped now, and has a little forward step at the front. And there are little diagonal panels connecting the main hulls to the side “sponsons”. Plus some more detail and panelling on things like the the aft main hull having ribbed hatches aft of the arch superstructure and lights on the outer hull. Those details will migrate back into the 3d models, both for the Bulygin, and for other ships as part of the Sintillan Navy.

It’s one of those things that demonstrates just how important an artist’s eye is. I might be a fairly decent mechanic, but I just don’t have the eye to make shapes interesting. And I’m glad to have met someone who does.

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